COVID-19 Vaccination information

Booking a COVID-19 Vaccination

Updated 12th December

It is now possible to book a Covid-19 vaccination at Stubley Medical Centre through the National Booking System.

The current eligibility criteria is here and here


Please click the following link to visit the NHS booking page:

Or book your vaccination at Stubley Medical Centre directly with swift queue here.


Alternatively, please phone 119.

If you cannot book your appointment online, please phone 01246 299919. Please be patient as this line is very busy (open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm). 

Thank you.


Having your Covid Vaccine at Stubley Medical Centre


Before you attend for your vaccine it is essential that you have first read information about the vaccine HERE We will ask for your informed consent on arrival.


Stubley Medical Centre is on Stubley Drive in Dronfield : Map HERE

The nearest bus stops are approximately 50yds away (nr 43 Bus)


If you are driving yourself, we suggest that if possible, you park and walk a comfortable distance if you are able. Stubley Drive may be busy.

If you need to park near the surgery the REAR car park will be available, from where you can walk up the road to the main entrance. Parking will be discouraged in the main car park.

If you are being dropped off, your driver can bring you into the main car park where a one-way system will be in place. The vaccine centre entrance is at the LEFT hand end of the main building, not the main entrance. Your driver will be asked to leave, and return to collect you from the main entrance after 20 minutes (for Pfizer vaccine, or 10minutes for the Oxford / Astra-Zeneca vaccine. We will inform you at the gate).

On arrival, we will confirm you are expected. No one will be admitted without an appointment. If you are a healthcare worker or social care worker you will need to bring your ID. We will expect you to consent to the vaccine following the phone call information given to you when we made the appointment, or the national information given on the page here.

We will not be able to enter into any lengthy further discussion at the site – if you have reservations about your vaccine you need to discuss this with your doctor and postpone the appointment if necessary.

With your consent we will then vaccinate you. If you have the Pfizer Vaccine you will then be asked to sit in a waiting area for 15 minutes before you will be able to leave via the main entrance. If we are running a vaccination clinic with the Oxford/Astra-Zeneca vaccine, you can leave immediately.

Please wear clothing under your coat that will allow easy access to your upper arm.

Please come in to the centre unaccompanied. If you need a wheelchair please transfer into a provided chair at the entrance, we will guide you through the centre.

Toilet facilities are available but we hope to make your transit through the centre a ‘minimum touch’ experience (every surface is wiped down after you) .. so please go before you leave home !